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Frequently Asked Questions


At FootHills Home Inspection, we believe that only a well-informed purchaser can choose the right home inspector. The following checklist is provided to assist you in interviewing prospective home inspectors.

1. Are you certified to practice Home Inspection in South Carolina?

FootHills Home Inspection carries the following licenses and certifications: South Carolina Home Inspector License #123

2. Do you have documented training or education to support your practice of Home Inspection?

S.C. Residential Builder License #7275
Residential Master Electrician #88-02R
Master of Science Degree
Continuing Education Progress, see "About Us"

3. Are you insured to practice Home Inspection?

Foothills Home Inspection inspectors are covered by errors and omissions and general liability policies.

4. Do you perform residential inspections on a full-time basis?

All FootHills Home Inspection inspectors are full-time professionals whose only business is home inspection.

5. Are you a member of a professional inspector association?

Wayne Richard is a current member of the S C Association of Home Inspectors and has served as Secretary, Vice-President and President (2000) of that organization. He is also a current member of the North Carolina Licensed Home Inspector Association (NCLHIA).

6. Will you provide me with references?

FootHills Home Inspection is happy to provide you with client references.

7. Do you produce a narrative or checklist type report?

FootHills Home Inspection provides a comprehensive checklist/ narrative report with summary that is computer generated, and e-mailable as a PDF file.

8. Will I receive my report quickly?

The report can be faxed or emailed the same day as the inspection, mailed the following morning or delivered to your agent by noon the following day.

9. Will you repair any problems or conditions you find for an additional charge?

S. C. state law prohibits home inspectors doing repair work on a home he/she inspects for a period of one year from the date of the inspection.

10. May I attend the inspection along with my Realtor?

FootHills Home Inspection encourages you and your Realtor to accompany the inspector on the inspection

11. Does my report include photographs?
Your Inspection Report includes emailed digital photographs in pdf format, or hard copy photographs mailed with hard-copy reports.